Top 5 Whole House Fans for Cooling & Ventilating Your Home

By: Smart Zero Home
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A whole house fan is an inexpensive way to cool the home. It works like a large exhaust fan, that ventilates and cools the home by pulling in the air from the open windows and exhausting the air through the roof/attic. See our post Whole House Fan 101.

Whole House Fan is a simple and an inexpensive way to cool and ventilate your home

Here are the best Whole House Fans available in the market today, based on our analysis, and feedback from customers and contractors:

Company Quiet Cool Air Vent Cool Attic Air King Tamarack
Rating 9.2 9 8.6 8.2 7.5
Price $870 $228 $349 $133 $885
Air FLow Capacity (CFM) 1468 4500 5400 3560 1600
Model Name 2 Speed Classic 24" Whole House 30" With Shutter 9166 20" Whole House Window Fan TTi-HV1600 HV1600 R-38 Whole House Fan
Model Details (from Manfacturer)

- Fan motor and self-contained duct system hangs in the attic and the fan has whisper quiet operation 

- Ideal for 1500 Sq Ft House

- 24", Direct Drive, Whole House Fan With Automatic Shutter, Pulls Air From A House Size of 1500 sq ft

- For 2000 to 3000 square foot attics 

- Requires minimum 12 square feet of net free air exhaust vent area

- Fits window openings that are between 27" to 38" wide by 26.25" high - Attic Ventilation Requirements: 5 square feet
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* Smart Zero Home overall rating based on customer and retailer feedback and our 5 parameter market analyses
** Price is the best price available online, and may include discounted/bargain prices that may not be available everywhere


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