Best Furnaces for Heating Your Home

By: Smart Zero Home
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A high efficiency furnace, can ensure less energy usage for the same furnace size. The two most important criteria that you should be considering when purchasing a furnace are its size (measured in BTUs) and its efficiency (measured in AFUE).

See our guide on choosing the best furnace for your home. Our intelligent design generator, generates the best furnace specifications (the most cost-effective furnace with the highest impact) custom designed specifically for your home.

Size of the Furnace (in BTUs) and its Efficiency (in AFUE) are two important selection criteria

Here are the best furnaces available in the market today, based on our analysis, and feedback from customers and contractors:

Company Rheem Carrier Lennox/Ducane Goodman York
Rating 9.3 8 8.5 8.8 9.5
Price (shipping extra)
$1,589 $1,000 $1,098 $980 $895
Size (BTUs) 60,000 BTUs 68,000 BTUs 66,000 BTUs 80,000 BTUs 80,000 BTUs
Efficiency (AFUE) 95% 98.5% 95% 96% 95%
Model Name Rheem Rud Gas Furnace R95 Infinity 98 Gas Furnace E Ducane natural gas furnace Goodman Gas Furnace GMSS96 York Evcon 3 Ton Multiposition Gas Furnace
Model Details (from Manfacturer) - Natural gas furnace
 - 3 ton drive (up to 1200 cfm)

- Greenspeed intelligence for comfort and energy savings

 - Variable-speed motor for comfort and ultra-quiet operation

 - Comfort Heat Technology - intelligently stages heating cycles to reduce temperature swings and improve efficiency

 - Airflow horizontal, CFM 1200

 -  Quiet single-speed induced draft blower

 - Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code history output to a LED

- 4 speed multi-speed multiposition (upflow.downflow, horizontal) natural gas furnace
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* Smart Zero Home overall rating based on customer and retailer feedback and our 5 parameter market analyses
** Price is the best price available online, and may include discounted/bargain prices that may not be available everywhere


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