Top 5 LED Lights in the Market Today

By: Smart Zero Home
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LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the most versatile and the most efficient light technologies available today. LEDs last twice as long as CFLs (see Light Fixtures 101), but can be more expensive (as expected with any new technology/product adoption cycle).

LED fixtures are now available for all holder types and can therefore be used in any of the existing light fixture sockets in your home. LEDs also offer a wide range of light color options (instead of just yellow light from incandescent bulbs or the while light from the CFL), allowing you to use lights as a decorative/soothing design element.

LEDs are the most versatile & the most efficient lighting technology available today

Here are the top 5 LED lights available in the market today, based on our analysis, and feedback from customers and retailers:

Company Phillips Ideaworks Cree Sylvania GE
Rating 9 8.4 9.2 9 8.8
 Price  $6.9 $2.6 $4.8 $10.8 $3.7
Wattage 60 W 11 W 60 W 24 W 10 W
Dimmable (Y/N) Dimmable Not Dimmable Dimmable Not Dimmable Not Dimmable
Product A19 LED bulb LED outdoors 60W Equivalent 2700K A19 LED Light Bulb with 4Flow Filament Design LED Strip Lights LED Bright Stik 10-watt (60-Watt Replacement), 760-Lumen Light Bulb with Medium Base, Daylight, 3-Pack
Model Details (from manufacturer) - Extra long lifetime of 22.8 years

 - Dimmable and mercury-free
- Easy to install--no wires to run

- Solar-powered lights, automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn
- Fully dimmable with no buzzing or humming

- 27+ year rated life (30,000 hour rated lifetime)
- Color changing flexible LEDs

-Lights remain cool to the touch
- Wireless remote control
- 60W replacement using only 10W - Lasts 13.7 years

- contains no mercury
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