Top 5 Light Occupancy Sensors in the Market Today

By: Smart Zero Home
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Light occupancy sensors ensure that lights are switched off automatically when the space is not being used, and the lights are switched off even if someone forgot to switch them off when leaving the space/room. Occupancy Sensors are based on motion sensor technology and are recommended for use in areas that have usage at specific times or when needed. See our post on Advanced Light Controls 101.

Occupancy Sensors ensure that the lights are used in a space only when the space is occupied

Here are the top 5 light occupancy sensors available in the market today, based on our analysis, and feedback from customers and retailers:


Company Lutron Wattstopper Leviton Topgreener Enerlites
Rating* 9.2 9 7.4 9 9.4
Price** $37.0 $95.0 $30.2 $16.0 $18.0
Wattage/Load Capacity 600 W 300 W 600 W 500 W 500 W
Product Details Maestro Motion Sensor switch, no neutral required, Single-Pole/Multi Location DT-300 Ceiling Occupancy Sensor, 360 Degrees Coverage 1800-Watt Incandescent, 600-Watt LED/CFL Occupancy Sensor (Auto ON/Auto OFF), Single Pole or 3-Way PIR Occupancy Vacancy Motion Sensor Switch, 500W/Incandescent Halogen 150W/LED CFL 1/8 HP Motor 500VA/Fluorescent, Neutral wire required, 1 Free Wall Plate, White
PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Wall Switch, Smart LED Night Light, 3 Interchangeable Face Cover, Neutral Wire required
Feature Details (from Manufacturer) - Adjustable timeout - 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes

- Works will all bulb types

 - Installs in less than 15 minutes, no neutral wire required
- Terminal Wiring for Quick and Easy Installation 

- Isolated Relay Allows Sensor to Interface with Building Control Systems 
 - Automatic ON/Automatic OFF, provides 180-Degree field of view and 900 square feet of coverage

 - 3-way control with IPV0R sensor remote
- Triggers ON light, fan or motor when detecting motion/occupancy, turns OFF the load at preset delay time after vacancy is detected

- 1,200 square feet coverage, 180 Degree View
- Turns ON light/motor/load automatically when detects motion

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* Smart Zero Home overall rating based on customer and retailer feedback and our 5 parameter market analyses
** Price is the best price available online, and may include discounted/bargain prices that may not be available everywhere


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